Bertha’s Story

Wickly Kaludzi, a parent of three children, two girls and one boy, upon hearing that Bentry was visiting the area couldn’t resist to tell the story about the chicken project. He rushed up to him and said, “The Tongole Foundation is doing a great job. You gave me three chickens but now I have ten chickens after giving away three to another needy family and also selling two to buy my daughter, Bertha school uniform. The Chicken project is a great help”.

Such are the testimonies you receive when you visit the families who were selected to participate in the chicken project. These families had literary nothing and now they have something to look up to as their own – the chickens. No wonder, Wickly was so excited about the project. He feels secure and hopes to ensure the chickens increase so that he should be able to support his children with other daily amenities.

Bertha on the other hand promises to work hard at school because she wants to be a nurse to help the sick in hospitals.

Let to right :Bertha (13), Wonder (6) and Martha (9)

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