What We Do

The Tongole Foundation is a UK registered charity aiding families in Malawi. We work specifically with local communities surrounding the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. Many people in the region, just like the rest of the country, live in extreme poverty – on less than a dollar a day.

We focus our work on the areas of Education & Conservation in an effort to improve the standards of living for as many people as possible.

Despite being a young charity we have witnessed some remarkable outcomes in the communities we support.  Our work demonstrates that the communities’ involvement is essential and what is considered small in the UK, in terms of financial support, goes a very long way in making a positive change and difference to the lives of children and local communities in Malawi. 


  • We have been working in partnership with four primary schools: namely Wozi, Chankhokwe, Mwalawatongole and Chilimani Primary Schools.
  • Over 2,000 primary school students provided with learning materials, including crayons, colouring books, rulers, balls and sports uniforms.
  • Scholarships provided for five students, three boys and three girls. By supporting the most needy students we have opened their doors to a better future with far greater opportunity to gain employment and support themselves and their families.

You can find out more about our sponsored students by reading their stories…

Building Projects

  • We have begun construction of Chilimani Primary School. A new primary school which already benefits over 200 children between 5-15 years of age.
  • We have built a new bore hole supplying clean water to villages around Chilimani Primary School.
  • We have constructed new toilet blocks at Mwalawatongole and Chankhokwe Primary Schools. These reduce the risk of illness and enabled pupils to attend school without interruption

Community Gardens

  • We provided £2,000 worth of seed & fertilizer to three schools which feeds up to 2,500 children for 6 months or more!
  • Our feeding programme is designed to improve school attendance and improve childhood nutrition.
  • Despite late rains and challenging growing conditions Chilimani School produced 28 bags of maize, 28 bags of maize, 17 bags of groundnuts and 10 kg of soya beans.

Chicken Project

  • To date 76 families (36 orphan caring families and 40 women group members) have been reached with 228 chickens in the arrangement of 3 chickens per family.


  • The Tongole Foundation has agreed to work closely with African Parks for the benefit of the local communities.
  • Natural Resource Committees at village level have been formed to create awareness of the benefits of conservation.
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  • We have helped facilitate some School visits to the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. These visits may provide some children with their first experience of wildlife.