Our Story

The Tongole Foundation was founded due to the sad loss of Vitu Kalanga who was David Cole’s daughter’s boyfriend back in 2006/7.

Vitu was traveling home from football training and whilst on that journey the car he was a rear passenger in was involved in a collision and sadly this resulted in his sudden death at the age of just 16.

Vitu’s father Bentry and David Cole then decided to do something in Vitu’s memory but with a difference from the usual.


They decided to create a two part project:

  1. A sustainable business which would create employment and training opportunities in a very deprived part of Malawi.
  2. A children’s education charity which would support 3 schools initially but with much bigger long term plans.

The business is a Wilderness Lodge which took over two years to physically construct in a wildlife reserve which created over 100 jobs over that period many of whom have children at the 3 schools we are supporting.

At the end of the construction phase we have employed over 30 full time employees which of course has far reaching benefits i.e. 1 employed person directly affects over 20 people!

The Charity was registered in December 2010, Registered Charity Number: 1139568

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