Chicken Update

Chicken Project begins to benefit families….

Louis (12 years old) is an orphan being looked after by his aunt. The family was among those chosen by the village chief to benefit from the Tongole Foundation’s (TF) sponsor a chicken project in January 2013. The TF initiated the project in order to ensure vulnerable families raise the chickens to assist in supporting the children including orphans under their care. The families’ look after the chickens and when they lay eggs some of which, they would eat to improve the nutritional status of the family or sell the eggs for some cash to buy household amenities.

From an initial starter pack of three chickens, the family now has seventeen chickens after two chickens hatched 14 chicks in April 2013 which are now grown as fully fledged chickens. “Before the TF project, we had nothing to look to for support in the family. But we are proud that we now own these chickens”, says Louis’s aunt. “I can now walk with my head up and be recognised in the village”, Mary continues.

Louis looks at the future with optimism as he says, “aunt will be able to buy me some scholastic materials whenever I need them, after selling some chickens.”

The TF working in partnership with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) is committed to reaching out to other vulnerable families living in the peripheral areas of the Nkhota Kota Wildlife Reserve.

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