Borehole – the beginning!

The borehole at the new school site was presented as a Christmas gift to the community just before Christmas. There was a lot of jubilation and ululating! Even the group Village Headman couldn’t avoid smiling!

Group Village Headman Kalirangwe and all his people were all smiles when the borehole was handed over to the community. The school project started with the construction of the borehole at the site.

“Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, our children will soon stop walking long distances to school” said the chief.

The community has molded 300,000 bricks in preparation for the new school building project.

“We don’t want just to receive support from the TF but we also want to contribute resources such as bricks to the project” concluded the chief to the resounding ululation from the women.

Proud to announce, it is the beginning of the new School build! 

Xmas 2 Xmas

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