Serval Kittens May Update

Now, after 2 weeks, they are flourishing and have already doubled in size! Kovu, Zira’s brother, is a real little scamp and thinks he is one of Africa’s BIG cats! Together they have started exploring the World around them , safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for and food will come as and when expected! Therein lies our problem…the kittens are already consuming half a liter of specialized kitten milk a day. Soon this will be 1 liter and then 1 liter EACH! Their teeth have also started showing and this means time for meat! Given that our aim is to reintroduce them into the wild when they are old enough at around 9 – 12 months, this means feeding them for another 8 months at least! This is a lot of milk and meat!

We need your assistance to help us save two of Africa’s not so big cats and return a few members of this nearly endangered species back to the wild where they belong!

Help us, help them!

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