Sad News about Zira


This morning we were left shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected death of our serval cat Zira. Zira was taken to the centre as a kitten in May 2013 together with her brother Kovu. Both animals were raised at the centre with only one goal: releasing the animals back into the wild. Staff and volunteers spent a lot of time and energy in raising the kittens and preparations for release of both cats went very well. Two weeks ago they were fitted with their GPS collars which would allow us to track them post-release.
Although both animals were kept in a very big natural enclosure over the last few months Zira presented herself as a real escape artist. Unfortunately Zira’s skills to find a way out of the enclosure also led to her untimely death. During one of her attempts to get out she got stuck in the fence and didn’t manage to free herself again. Unfortunately the caretakers came too late to help her.
Although the death of Zira has shocked the whole team it hasn’t changed our drive to get Kovu back into the wild where he belongs. His release is planned in a few weeks from now.

Zira 2

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