It was late April on a balmy afternoon and we had just arrived back at the Lodge from a shopping trip in Lilongwe. We were met by Emmanuel Kandiero, a game Scout with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife who presented us with a cardboard box! Inside were the two cutest Serval kittens you would ever lay eyes on! They were wide eyed, alert and malnourished, especially the little female whom we have named Zira, the messenger.

Just after a few weeks, they were flourishing and had already doubled in size! Kovu, Zira’s brother, is a real little scamp and thinks he is one of Africa’s BIG cats! Together they had started exploring the World around them, safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for and food will come as and when expected!

We did exceedingly well to look after them at first with support and advice from The Lilongwe wildlife centre and another African sanctuary who has lots of experience in rearing Servals. However these orphans require so much care and it was hard being so far away from veterinary attention – without the antibodies in their mother’s milk a case of diarrhea can quickly develop into something more serious. So we took them to Lilongwe wildlife centre and they are doing well! The volunteers and staff are on shift 24 hours a day to manage the feeding and supervision they require. As soon as possible they will be weaned off from human contact and will be released back to their home in Nkhotakhota.

We’ll keep you updated with their progress.

We have uploaded several photographs to our facebook page.


Sad news of released Serval Kovu

by Louise Cole
Sad news from the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre Some of you may remember Kovu, a serval that we rescued as an orphaned kitten and rehabilitated ready for release back into the wild last July. Sadly he was killed by a poacher within just one month of release. Whilst we always like to keep you informed of the ...

Kovu being released!

by Louise Cole
KOVU BEING RELEASED! After having stayed two weeks in his release enclosure, our serval Kovu is now finally free! A little bit hestitant he left the enclosure when the doors went open, not sure what to expect. In the first few days he has been out now he is however doing very well. For this release ...

Sad News about Zira

by Louise Cole
A SAD DAY… This morning we were left shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected death of our serval cat Zira. Zira was taken to the centre as a kitten in May 2013 together with her brother Kovu. Both animals were raised at the centre with only one goal: releasing the animals back into the wild. ...

Can you help Zira & Kovu?

by Louise Cole
Orphaned twin servals, Zira and Kovu, were rescued just over a year ago and their rehabilitation has gone very well. Now we want to help them back to the wild where they belong, but we need your help! Please read on and share with friends and family… THEIR STORY… In May last year, these two adorable serval ...

Serval Cats April Update

by Louise Cole
It’s hard to believe it has been 1 year since rescuing Kovu and Zira! They have come so far already! Both Kovu and Zira are doing well. The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre are very busy with the preparation for their release, and hopefully they will now go out next month. This is slightly later than planned, which ...

Serval Kittens September Update

by Louise Cole
David Gridley, Chairman of the Tongole Foundation, spent some time in Malawi recently and was lucky enough to visit Lilongwe Wildlife Centre where Zira and Kovu are currently staying. They have grown so much and are heading in the right direction in regards to their behavior such as hunting birds and lizards! We have uploaded more photos ...

Serval Kittens August Update

by Louise Cole
The Kittens are still doing very well at the Wildlife Center. They are still being bottle fed but are also moving on to chicks and meat. Supervising a couple of Serval kittens may sound pretty straightforward, but they have super sharp claws and an ability to get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations. Servals are the fastest running cat other than a cheetah and the volunteers ...

Serval Kittens May Update

by Louise Cole
Now, after 2 weeks, they are flourishing and have already doubled in size! Kovu, Zira’s brother, is a real little scamp and thinks he is one of Africa’s BIG cats! Together they have started exploring the World around them , safe in the knowledge that they are being cared for and food will come as ...

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