The Nkhotakota National Park is the oldest established reserve in Malawi and is one of the counties last remaining wilderness areas. The largest of Malawi’s national parks, the reserve is situated 115km to the North East of Lilongwe, on top of the Rift Valley escarpment above the lake. The area is dominated by rugged hills and vast tracts of dense forest and miombo woodland.

A wide variety of different animal species live within the park including elephants, lion, Leopard, buffalo and hyenas. There are more than 300 species of bird recorded including Pel’s Fishing Owl and Palmnut Vulture.

Despite the richness and diversity of local habitats in this area, an exploding population and desperately high levels of poverty are putting a huge strain on the delicate relationship between the local people and the surrounding environment.

By working with the local communities, The Tongole Foundation aims to achieve the long-term conservation of threatened habitats and species in the Nkhotakota area.

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