The Chicken Project

The Chicken Project is designed so that people pay just £3.00 to buy a Chicken. Chickens are then bought and distributed to the poorest of families in Nkhotakota, Malawi.

Each family will be given 1 Cockerel and 2 Hens. Once the Hens start producing chicks, 3 chicks are then donated to another family to start the process. Other chicks and eggs are then sold and the money raised will go into a “pot” to help the family save to send their Children into education.

Families are expected to look after the Chickens and “spot checks” will be carried out.

The Process:

  •  Bentry and Edward firstly went to the community and explained what we intend to do.
  • The head teacher advises the community officer of which families are most deserving when it comes to distribution, i.e. the poorest of the poor and what short & long term benefits this might achieve?
  • This is then discussed with the chief and the elders and a candidate family is chosen.
  • By the time the family get their 2-3 chickens they have been briefed on what the long term plan is and have to agree.
  • The family are expected to look after their chickens with a view to produce eggs for their consumption with surplus eggs sold to help the family live initially.
  • Eggs that hatch are done so to allow sales of chickens and these sales are for the purpose of saving for their children’s education.
  • Edward will do “spot checks” on each family chosen and any issues will be dealt with through the usual channels.

This project is also dependent on the chickens not getting diseases. Fortunately, the chickens are local and not usually susceptible to diseases but can’t be ruled out completely.

Edward said that what we are doing will really make a big difference for these families.

If we can give our chosen families an opportunity to save and educate themselves, then once again we are helping them, through education, to earn and relieve their families from extreme poverty!

Poster New!


Elepita Josephy states that before participating in the chicken project supported by the Tongole Foundation, life was hard for her. She struggled to take care of the 2 children that she had taken on of her deceased relative, but said:

“I am now able to support Nowa with his education – something that I could not do before the TF came into our area”.

The money raised from the chicken and egg sales has meant she was able to buy Nowa school uniform, shoes, mathematical instruments and note books at the start of his standard 6 year.
Elepita further states that malnutrition is no longer a problem in her household because they now eat chicken meat and eggs that promote good health. This has helped Nowa focus and remain active in school.


Chicken Basket!

by Louise Cole
Yay! We finally have a photo to show you of our chicken basket! This basket is used to carefully transport chickens being donated to families in the local community to save the chickens getting stressed.

Bertha’s Story

by Louise Cole
Wickly Kaludzi, a parent of three children, two girls and one boy, upon hearing that Bentry was visiting the area couldn’t resist to tell the story about the chicken project. He rushed up to him and said, “The Tongole Foundation is doing a great job. You gave me three chickens but now I have ten ...

Grace’s Story

by Heliocentrix
Last year, we visited a Mum of 4 called Grace. Sadly her husband had died. Grace’s house, seen below, was and still is in a poor state but is not uncommon: When we met Grace last year she was pretty down trodden and you could see she had lost the will to carry on but ...

Chicken Update

by Louise Cole
Chicken Project begins to benefit families…. Louis (12 years old) is an orphan being looked after by his aunt. The family was among those chosen by the village chief to benefit from the Tongole Foundation’s (TF) sponsor a chicken project in January 2013. The TF initiated the project in order to ensure vulnerable families raise the ...

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