Chankhokwe F.P. School

A school building at Chankhokwe F.P. School was badly damaged in a storm and the roof blown off. The school lacked the funds to repair the building and The Tongole Foundation were able to donate nails and door locks so that the school could complete their repairs and secure the premises.

Roofing nails: 5" - 6" nails and door locks were donated to Chankhokwe F.P. School to secure damaged school buildings.


Mwalawatongole F.P. School

With the poor condition of the local roads, teachers often have great difficulty in getting to school on time. In the rainy season when roads are washed away, they may not be able to make it at all. Class sizes regularly exceed 70 pupils. If one teacher is either late or cannot attend school, this puts a huge strain on the other teaching staff and ultimately the education of the children suffers. Following repairs to the roof of the staff accommodation teachers have been able to remain on site overnight when the need has arisen.

We were also able to repair the damaged staff rooms. This has allowed the teachers to utilize the rooms to a greater degree, providing much needed space for the marking of pupils work and general administration.

 On the 27th January 2013, we officially opened our fist Classroom block consisting of 2 Classrooms and a Head teacher’s office:


Supporting primary education

Sponsorship of secondary school students

Student Stories

Meet William! William is 16 years old, living in Malawi, with one parent (his mum) and 6 siblings. His dream is to be a doctor & has been identified by our team in Malawi to be sponsored by a very good friend and supporter of the Tongole Foundation. William was identified by local leaders. He is bright & very well behaved. His school grades are very impressive and with the help from Sid, he will be able to work his way through secondary education & hopefully achieve his goal/s!


Mwalawatongole School Garden

by Louise Cole
They grow it, they harvest it, they cook it and then store seeds for the following season… The Catriona Hargreaves Charitable Trust (CHCT) gave us £2,000 per School (x3 Schools) which feeds 2,500 children for 6 months or more! To see more photos, click here

New Toilets!

by Louise Cole
In December 2014, we were proud to have built and completed new toilets at Mwalawatongole School. Before: After: Normally, girls drop out of School when they reach puberty due to poor sanitary conditions. By us building toilets that in a better condition and private, we hope girls will continue through education which will  save them a life of ...

Official Classroom Opening!

by Louise Cole
Over a year ago, Mwalawatongole School had over 800 learners, over half of which used to learn under trees and in a temporary shelter because the school had only four permanent classrooms. Absenteeism of the learners was at its peak especially in the rainy and cold seasons when persistent rains, wet environment and cold weather ...

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