Arsenal in the Community

We are very proud and lucky to have been given the chance to work closely with Arsenal in the Community.

It took a long time to finally seal the deal, but we got there and signed a contract before 2 “gappers” on a gap year programme headed out to Malawi and worked closely with the Tongole Foundation, heading into the Community and Schools to coach football and teach English.

Robert and Cedric finished their 9 weeks in Malawi & seemed to have a fantastic time!

“I’ve never been to such a beautiful country, such an amazing country, such a warm-hearted and friendly country, maybe I never will. Two months has flown so quickly, and now that we’re home, my time there already feels like a distant memory. It’s strange to think that a week ago I was camping in the African wilderness, enjoying the comforts of a warm fire at Muta falls. But I’m not sad that it’s over, I’m just happy that it happened at all, and so I have to thank the Tongole Foundation and Arsenal in the Community for making it all possible. I feel lucky to be able to say that I spent three months working in a country like Malawi as part of our project”

“I’m going to miss Malawi a lot and I’m going to miss being on the gap programme too. But for everything I’ve experienced and achieved how I could not. Missing this just reminds me of all the good times I’ve had”

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Arsenal in the Community Awards 2013

by Louise Cole
On the 23rd July Louise, David G & David C were invited to an awards ceremony at the Woolwich Suite at Arsenal Stadium. We arrived at 3.00 and took our seats for a 3.30 start. Tom Watt presented the awards ceremony and special guests included football legends Charlie George and Tony Adams as well as England and GB ...

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