Main Work Areas

The Tongole Foundation's work focuses on four main areas:

The Tongole Foundation’s work focuses on four main areas:

Environmental Education: We aim to work closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to develop wildlife clubs in schools and to train local school teachers to coordinate and oversee educational activities and to teach about environmental care within existing National Curriculum activities.

Community Conservation: Because of poverty, local people are heavily reliant on “free” natural resources. Inevitably, the communities have a strong relationship with the forest. The Tongole Foundation encourages local people to value the forest by equally distributing the benefits from eco-tourism throughout the local communities.

Research & Monitoring: The Tongole Foundation aims to develop a scientific programme focussed on the research and monitoring of avian studies, invertebrates, flora, fauna and mammals. We will conduct regular surveys on threatened habitats and species in order to better understand and therefore protect them.

The Tongole Wilderness Lodge: We will provide pleasant accommodation for interested visitors, including researchers and conservationists, and offer opportunities for volunteers to get involved as well as facilities for small workshops and seminars.

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