Where We Work

The Tongole Foundation works primarily in the NkhotaKota region of Malawi. Nkhotakota (formerly Kota Kota) (name derived from the Chichewa for “Corner Corner”) is a town and one of the districts in the Central Region of Malawi. The Town is one of the main ports on Lake Malawi (formerly Lake Nyasa) and is home to the Nkhotakota Wildlife Park. As of 2008, Nkhotakota had a population estimated at 33,150, 65 percent of the population in the district lives below the poverty line.

In December 2010, The Tongole Foundation appointed Mr Bentry Kalanga as the charities Local Director. Bentry has over 20 years experience working in the International Development sector with extensive experience in education, conservation and participatory community development. He has an MSc in Strategic Management and a BEd in Geography & History and has held key roles with Leonard Cheshire Disability, World Vision International, World Learning, and African Revival.

The Charities UK Trustees are:

Mr Simon Payne

Mr David Gridley

Mr David Cole

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